How to Downsize from a House to a Camper,Family and Friends Give a Way…Part Two.

This past week was a busy one.  Our home is quickly being emptied.  Items we wanted to sell were posted on local Craigslist and Facebook groups.  Most items sold but we still have a fish stand that needs to go.  I also had the idea to peddle my goods at a few local antique shops/resell shops.  This worked well, as we had pictures on the phone that helped seal the deal.  We also were able to sell the Ford pickup, “Big Jane”, to a friend of the young fellow that picked up the furniture that we sold.  It was networking at it’s finest.

We contacted friends and family who we knew may want various items.  We wanted to give a good home to items we have collected over the past two years.  Oh, and did we collect stuff. We also discussed leaving items that may be useful to the new owners of this home.  A young couple with a baby.  They were grateful for what ever we donated, furniture, tools, etc.

It’s looking like we are getting closer to our goal.  Rather scary but exhilarating at the same time.  Next step, closing on the house, locating a Motor Home and can’t forget selling the Sterling.  We have also secured a place to lay our heads and park the camper as we work on it.  It’s great to have such giving friends.  You all are so much appreciated, words can not describe.

How to Down size from a house to Camper, Part One

How often do we really take a good look at the “stuff” we’ve accumulated in our homes? Most of us probably go day-to-day ignoring the stuff in our homes.  Over filled cabinets, drawers and closets.  Not until we are faced with down sizing are we really aware of what we own and collected over the years.

Wandering through the house, I wonder what am I going to do with all this stuff?  A better description would be, “Where did all this crap come from?”.   In my last post, I described my husband and I as over the road truck drivers.  Living in an 8×8 sleeper, we seriously down sized and rented a storage unit for the items we couldn’t live without.  Not this time, there will be no added expense of paid storage.  We had better leave our emotions out of it and dump, sell or donate what we can.

It was hard at first, staring at the walls, furniture, nick naks, I knew they had to go.  We started slowly, very slowly.  My first step was clothing.  It seemed emotionally the easiest to handle. We bought a big box of yard trash bags and went to work.  Most of the clothes were in good shape, needless to say, if I didn’t wear and wash it at least once a week, it was donated.  Same goes with shoes, purses, belts and don’t forget all the numerous winter garb stashed in the front closet.

We agreed to clean and weed out something, a room or a closet, every day.  Small steps made it easier to let stuff go. If we couldn’t weed the rooms we took trips to the local donation center or the dump.  After a few of these trips it became easier.  The weight on my heart and shoulders lightened.  I could see progress.  I didn’t need all this stuff.  By the way, “where did all this crap come from?”  We now have a chance to live lightly, more freely without filling our lives with stuff that really in the end doesn’t make us happier, only more cluttered in mind and spirit.

I wont kid you and tell you this process was hunky dory and I had some grand epiphany. Each time we touched an item it took a lot of  consideration and retrospection.  The family items were the worst.  But when it comes down to it, the kids really don’t want this “crap” you saved from their school years.  It’s just more stuff to take up space in their lives.

At this point on our time line, we are still weeding rooms and taking trips to the dump.  I do know this though, every time I look up any item online or handle some new shiny toy in a retail store, my question will be, “will this end up in someone’s donation bin or laying in a buried heap in a land fill?” The answer will most likely be,” yes”.

A New Journey After Fifty

Here we sit, stunned and confused.  No work…not again.  No freight to transport, no money to be made.  This is not the first time work has dried up for this couple.  It happened about seven years ago during the housing crises.  It was a time for change then and once again, time for change now.  We drove as OTR “Over the Road” truck drivers in the expedite trucking world.  Over the road for five years delivering “just in time” freight.  All kinds of freight.  You name it, we hauled it.

It was a sort of a precursor for what we are to embark on this go around.  Life on the road.  This time will be different.  We wont be sharing an 8×8 sleeper.  Not that it was all that bad.  Although cramped, it had all the comforts of a small camper a refrigerator, microwave, TV and can’t forget the Xbox.  We’ve done this before.  This time we’ll gain regular sleep and an eating schedule on our terms.  This time it will be a camper’s life on our schedule.

After three weeks of fighting off anxiety and mild depression we came out of our stupor like a waking giant.  It was time to make a plan.  How did we wish to live.  It was our choice this time.  What was our dreams and ideas the last time this happened.  We muddled with the idea of Workampers before.  Before the job offer of OTR trucking.  How would we make it work, what would be our income?  It took many, many hours of online research to make the decision a reality.  We could do this.

So here we are, selling our home, pick up, the straight truck and anything that we can.  There are many people who have given us courage and well wishes.  Even those that wished they could do the same.

This blog will document the events of this journey, good or bad.  All truth and nothing but the truth.  There are many other fellow travelers who only tell the happy end of the story.  We are real people with real encounters.  We will tell it like it is.  Hope you will join us, cheer us on and leave us constructive comments as we “do this one more time”.