Being different

Such a nice post on being different. Don’t judge. Just enjoy.

April's Gypsy Life Part2

IMG_7320It’s never right to judge People. You don’t know what People are going through, so it’s always best to be kind. If people choose to be different and or live differently don’t judge or make fun of them. Everyone is going to see life differently, there’s no wrong way to live. There are just different ways to live. For example: My Parents and I travel across America and Canada and we don’t plan anything, we just go wherever we feel in that moment. Some find this odd while others say it’s extraordinary that we are choosing to Live this way. It’s still hurtful when People say  it’s silly to Live the way we choose. We choose to be different because this is what makes US happy.

So instead of making fun or using hurtful words to look down on how someone who chooses to live differently….just acknowledge that there are…

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Could this be a panacea for the stresses of today’s world

Great descriptive article by “BoondockBob” on reducing stress with nature. Nice to know someone else pays attention to the wilderness. It’s still out there.

BoondockBob's blog

camper_streamA recent study indicates that the current unsettled political climate, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, and a rise in worldwide nationalism threatening the collapse of the European Union are stressing out people everywhere. The result of this tumultuous state of affairs is leading people to stress-induced eating and weight gain.

A poll by the American Psychological Association asked whether the current political climate is stressing them out, and more than half of respondents said yes. One writer for NPR suggested an antidote for stress-eating is to step away from the headlines. I think I can add to that antidote by adding my own solution:

Go Boondocking!

Think about it. Using the purist definition of boondocking – “camping without hookups or amenities away from civilization” – such as on America’s public lands managed by the Forest Service, BLM, Fish & Wildlife Service, and others will likely put you out of…

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My Indentity Crises

My adventure trying to get a replacement social security and ID card in the USA.

Well, I knew the time would come sooner or later that I would have to get a current, valid, ID card.  I haven’t had the need for one in years.  I should have one now that I’m traveling around the country.  I have a picture ID but it’s very, very expired.  It’s a Georgia ID which has expired five years ago.  I know your thinking, “How have I gone so long without one?”  Well, I was rarely asked and if someone needed an ID, it sufficed as  valid proof.  I also don’t drive. “Can I drive?” “Yes”, “Do I drive?” “No”.  (That another story for another time.)

My Georgia ID was the first experience with the changed USA identification policies.  In order for me to get this ID I was told I need a certified copy of my birth certificate and all the paperwork that proved my name changes over the years.  OMG, really!  Very upset and frustrated I left the DMV office on the mission of requesting birth, marriage, divorce paperwork to prove who I was.  That took about a month then back to the DMV, this time with my husband.  I needed all the verification I could get.  The DMV accepted my Readers Digest volume of paperwork and I received my driver’s license in the mail within a few weeks.

Fast forward about five years, now we are in Michigan.  I got this covered, this should be easy…not!  Going to the Secretary of State (SoS) with all my paperwork in hand, minus my Social Security Card.  Holy, Moly, please don’t ask for the Social Security (SS) card.  Of course I can’t find the damn thing.  Seventeen years of married and now I can’t find it.  Well, you guess it, the SoS wanted my SS card, sigh.

Off to the Social Security office we go with my growing stack of paperwork looking for my identity.  I’m very upset and nervous at this point, just waiting for them to throw another rotten apple in my basket.  Yes, yes…they did not disappoint me.  In order for me to get a SS card I must have a valid Michigan ID!  What the hell?  Did I hear that correctly?  The explanation was thus:  I needed to prove my age.  Well I got a frik’n certified copy of my birth certificate, is that not good enough?  “No, no” he said.  “Anyone can request a copy of your birth certificate, I could pull it up right now”.

My blood pressure was going through the roof.  Frustrated beyond belief, he looked at me and ask, “Do you have a doctor?”  “Well, yes”.  I answered.  He continues to explain the Social Security Department can use a letter from my doctor, with his letter head, and with my name and birth date on it for verification.  “You have got to be kidding?”  Nope, he was not.  “Can I call my doctor and have his staff fax this document over to you?”  “Nope, you can not”.

Now I remembered why I stayed away from these government offices and choose not to renew my ID in the first place.  It will make you bald before your years.   I was 40 miles away from my doctor and about to leave on our maid voyage with “Dotty”.  As it turns out, it did not turn out in my favor.  We left without a current ID or SS card.  I just hope all the other 50 pages of paperwork in my purse will suffice a traffic cop should we get pulled over.  Wish me luck, I’m a 51-year-old female without an American identity.  God Bless America.

The Big Truck has Sold…Thank You DRS.

Our big truck finally sold two days ago.  It was one of those things that caught us off guard.  It was up for sale for about a month.  We weren’t expecting to sell it anytime soon.  We were at a stand-still.  Everything depended on her selling, ‘Ling Ling’, our 2006 Sterling, 40 foot box truck.  She gave us a lot of memories.  I explained in previous posts that my husband, Bill, and I were expediters.  We lived in that truck, equipped with an 8×8 foot sleeper, for five years.  We traveled the whole country delivering on demand freight for all kinds of businesses and in all kinds of weather.  It was now time for a change.  Sell her off and change our life style.  It was a hard decision but we were ready.  The expediters life style is tough and we were burned out.

This post isn’t all about the memories or sad feeling having to sell ‘Ling Ling’.  I really wanted to thank the great people of Diesel Repair Specialists, Beki, Tim and the crew, for always being there when the truck needed repairs and we needed advise.  Their team always did a top job and got us back on the road as quickly as possible.

It was Beki’s efforts that sold our 2006 Sterling.  She is one hell of a person and has always cared about her customers, that being us.  So this is our “Thank You” DRS for all you have done to make our expediting adventures over that past seven years memorable.  We will not forget you.


P.S.  I got your message about the post cards, I will be sending only the cool ones.  🙂

Best Friends Make Everything Better

We made it up the highway around fifteen miles to our next destination, to best friend Bob’s house…

After the home sold we made a mad dash to load up our belonging into the motor home and be on our way.  Our first stop wasn’t far.  Packed to the gills, camper squatting like a s.o.b., we made it up the highway around fifteen miles to our next destination, to best friend Bob’s house.  Bob has been a close friend of my husband for years, way back to the high school days.  The carefree days of immense trouble making.  Like I said, a really close friend.

Bob offered his driveway for us to park Dotty and get our bearings straight.  We needed time to adjust to the new accommodations, check out all thing mechanical and throw more stuff way.

First on the list was shore power.  It works like a champ.  We plan to purchase a small microwave to use when power is available.  Our hope is to install a couple of solar panels to use on such occasion when we are boondocking.  Next issue is the classic refrigerator.  It’s in great shape but doesn’t run and if it did it would be a power-hungry whore.  Think we will be removing it and purchasing a 12 volt to put in its place.  We’ll also have more space for dry good storage above it.  There is plenty of projects to keep us busying for the next couple of weeks.  The more we assimilate to camper living the more we will be ready to head out down the highway when the time comes.

And as always, thank you Bob for letting us intrude in your living space.  We will always be grateful for your help.