‘Dotty’ is her name.

The seller of our motor home had his own camping story to tell.


What’s in a name?  We all name thing we love, care about or has meaning for us.  It brings a connection or commitment to the object we name.  I have always had a fascination with naming things.  If I like it, it gets a nick-name, a personality.  Same goes for vehicles, the motor home had a name before we left the sellers home.

The seller of our motorhome had his own camping story to tell.  He purchased the motorhome with the idea that he and his wife would become full-time rv’ers.  He spent many hours refurbishing the camper to get it road ready.  During this time, his wife became ill and passed away.  They never were able to fulfill their dream.  His wife’s name was Dorothy.  Dotty seemed an appropriate name, it suits her, I will never forget the story behind their dream and fulfilling our own.

Author: L. Beard

I am a graduate of Mercer University, Bachelor of Arts, 2001, with a concentration in Sociology. I love travel, camping and the simple things in life. I'm intrigued by the human condition and all it's complexities. Some call me direct, I describe myself as a realist. My greatest gift is to have my best friend, and the love of my life by my side and along for the ride.

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