Finding Your Zen

Have you ever been so involved in a hobby that the day just zips by?  Before you know it the whole day is gone.  Those are my Zen moments.  The ones I loved and didn’t realize I had until today.

I knit as a hobby, hats, socks, sweaters. I learned as a young teen from a nice lady across the street.  I made a few things but never really picked it back up until a few years ago.  (remember I’m over fifty now)  I guess the appreciation of the craft didn’t hit me until I ran out of yarn.  I noticed, silly me, that I was getting excited waiting for the mail person to deliver my soft, silky and slightly wooly hanks of yarn. Itching to get those needles back in my hands.  Knitting produces those moments when your fingers are busy but the mind is clear.  Tensions of life are minimal, I am at peace. I am at one with my yarn.  That is what I call Zen.

What are your Zen moments?   I would love to know.


Author: L. Beard

I am a graduate of Mercer University, Bachelor of Arts, 2001, with a concentration in Sociology. I love travel, camping and the simple things in life. I'm intrigued by the human condition and all it's complexities. Some call me direct, I describe myself as a realist. My greatest gift is to have my best friend, and the love of my life by my side and along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Zen”

  1. Never thought of them as Zen moments but you are right on the money. I love to do arts/crafts kind of things. Painting ceramics got me through a rough time back in the mid-afternoon 90’s when my hubs got his back hurt at work. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about but some of your other readers will not. I’ve made bouquets, boutineers, and other things for friends’ weddings. I love to just get a bunch of craft supplies and make something from scratch to see what it ends up as. I like to see but am only an amateur at that. My goal is a quilt made from my (deceased) son’s shirts. I’ve gotten into photography over the past 16 years and more so within the last 4. There’s nothing like looking at a piece of dried grass, finding the beauty in it, and capturing that on film. Well, digital now-a-days. LOL Yep, these are my Zen moments.

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